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Media Plan is a strategic Competitor Intelligence & Marketing Agency assisting Fortune 500, Tourism, Gaming, & Publicly Listed Companies achieve rapid & sustainable growth through our suite of Marketing Intelligence & Digital Marketing Products.

Our strategies are based on raw data, great content and viral marketing mixed with a passionate and enthusiastic team. 

The results speak for themselves

We are always looking to the future & monitoring your data on a daily basis to ensure that your brand is ready for the technology and market changes that can happen at anytime 

Why MediaPlan?


Engagement is key to a successful online strategy.  Our engaging content will keep your visitors coming back for more so you can convert them at the right time



About Us

We Are Your MediaPlan

We’re a small team of incredibly smart Growth Hackers, Data Analysts and User Onboarding Specialists focusing on scaling user growth, engagement and retention for High Growth Companies in the iGaming, eLearning, Tourism and Government & Fortune 500 Space. We bring knowledge & experience to the table and a digital strategy that helps you maintain consistent growth

We Evolve

Always Ahead

Through our experience we are constantly challenging ourselves to go further. We assess and implement the most suitable Marketing and Analytics strategies based on Actual Data so we can hit the right targets each and every time.  We provide you with the tools to ensure you are able to react, scale and remain at the forefront of your industry at all times. 

We’re Different

Growth Hacking mixed with Viral Marketing

Aggressive engagement & user acquisition is our target, we seek creative & intuitive ways to hack your organic user growth & acquisition and achieve exceptional results. If you’re looking to revolutionise & execute strategies to reach your audience at scale then speak to us.

We convert your customers into brand advocates by building highly effective Viral strategies across all of your web properties that will very quickly increase your audience size, data capture and ultimately increase your conversions x4

Growth Hacking

Data Analysis

The Life Time Value of your users is the most important metric. We ensure churn is reduced by ensuring we are managing and meeting the users expectations through the use of Viral tools & retention based offers at all steps throughout their online journey with your brand


Viral Loops

We are constantly analysing your data and evolving new and intuitive methods to boost your customer acquisition in a combination of ways that engages them in a multiple of strategies to ensure we hit the right targets at the right time


Creating Viral & Engaging communications through Email, Websites, Landing pages, Viral Media Portals, and Social Media. We leverage the most appropriate forms of engagement through your online experiences to ensure you consumers expectations are met and remain engaged


Growth is our core of what we do. We complete a thorough analysis of your competitor data, markets and all engagement from these interactions to establish the most comprehensive plan for your campaigns

We're a mix of marketers and coders, looking at every opportunity of 'How do I increase engagement and traction?' and answer with great content,  A/B tests, landing pages, viral media, email, newsletters, and Social Media

Uses of Competitive Intelligence

  • Incorporates external competitive and market forces into strategic planning
  • Generates strategically relevant insights from research and structured analysis
  • Enhances marketing, strategic planning, finance, and operations
  • Minimizes decision risk and reduces uncertainty about external developments

Track your competitors every move

Competitor Intelligence

Our Competitor Analysis Service collects and analyses your competitors crucial data to empower you with the most up to date information to track and monitor your competitors most critical data in real time, anticipate competitive activity, see past market disruptions and dispassionately interpret events.

This is an essential component to developing any marketing strategy around your brand .

Competitive Intelligence

  • Develop strategies based on proven methods
  • Shape counter-competitive strategies against one or more competitors
  • Prepare a new product launch, new market entry, or other strategic move in the market
  • Benchmark other organizations
  • Anticipate and plan for future market opportunities and disruptions
  • Assess effectiveness of competitors market positioning and product messaging

Come talk to Us

We are a dynamic team of marketers that produce exceptional results. 

As part of your team, we will develop a marketing strategy to generates incredible Life Time Value, reduces CPA and give you the tools & assets to drive your business to greater success

Media Planet Malta Limited

Canter Business Centre, P Felicjan Bilocca Street, Il-Marsa MRS 1524

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Specialist Competitor Intelligence & Marketing Agency focused on iGaming, Tourism & Government, Elearning and Fortune 500 Co.s


Conveniently located in Malta at the centre of Europe, we are well positioned to serve our clients across the globe